Adding Content - Article

Using this site means 1. Viewing existing content.

2. Adding new content and editing the existing one based on your permissions.

You know what content you are able to create when you click on Add Content menu on the gray shortcut bar at the top of your screen. The list of allowed items will be displayed in the main page area. If you think that you have a need to create a different type of content, you will have to request it from administrator. Other types of content exist, and many other types can be created to fit the users' needs.


1. Click Add Content and then Article.

2. Give your article a title - this is a required field marked by the red asterisk.

3. Enter one or more keywords in the Tags field - this will help to search for your article and collect similar items into lists and categories.

4. Choose and click on a category if it is required. I put a choice of historical or current material in the article form. This could change at your requests.

5. Prepare you imges for upload (the form will tell you about the image requirements). If you did not prepare your image, it still will be accepted, but resized to the reuired dimensions.

6. Click Choose file, browse to it and select it. Alternatively, you can finde your file and drag it onto the Choose File button. Click Upload.

7. Enter your text. For now use Filtered HTML option under Text Format. If you know how to use full HTML, you can try that too.

While entering the text, you can click Preview from time to time to see how everything looks.

When you are done, you can just click Save button and you article is ready and will be displayed as new content in the main page area in a preview (abbreviated). When readers click on its title, article will fully open in the main page area.

There are certain display Options, which you can configure (under the text area of the article form). I will write about these options in my next Instructible.