Adding Content - Content Options

Content Options

1. Menu settings. If you choose a specific menu for your article it will appear in the list of postings when you click that menu.

2. Revision information. If you plan to continue improving your article, you may want to keep its older versions. Click on this option, then check Create New Revision and optionally enter a revision message, like "Added image" or "Changed text format". In the future if you don't like what you did, you can revert to any previous revision.

3. URL path alias. Path (the web address) is created automatically, something like "http://...node/add/155". Not easy to memorize if you need it. Click on the URL alias button, uncheck "Generate automatic alias" and enter your own, for example "articleaboutaddingarticle". Your article web address becomes much easier to remember "http://.../articleaboutaddingarticle".

4.  Comments settings. If you want readres comments, keep the comments open. If you don't, set them to Closed.

5. Authoring information. If you want users to see who added the article, keep the default - your user name. Or delete it and it will not appear in the article.

6. Publishing options. By default, your article is published when saved and placed in the main page area. You may want to keep it from being published, because it is not finished yet, and you may not want it on the front page, especially if you chose a specific menu in the option 1. Uncheck what you don't want. If you want your article to always stay at the top of the lists under your chosen menu, click Sticky at the top of the lists. Otherwise your article will be eventually pushed down by other posts