Dress Code for LMA students

As you hopefully all read your HANDBOOK, and as we touch the issue repeatedly in the lessons we have some rules regarding the way you present yourself during concerts and PTC classes and even in lessons. We have these rules in order to teach you respect for your audience, larger or small and also for your teachers. Not just that, a different outfit for any kind of presentation has an influence on your posture, your movements and your focus. You behave differently in sports outfits and sneakers than in more formal cloths and dress shoes. Later these instructions will spill over into situations like a job interview, presenting a lecture etc. In performing we call it 'stage manners".

At the Holiday concerts we had some not so pleasant views, talking about several shirts which were not tucked in. This is NOT acceptable. Also jeans, no matter black or expensive , are NOT accepted. Boys need dark slaks, at least, and a nice shirt, black or white. Most students were really very nicely, even beautifully dressed. Some boys in suits, which made a very professional impression.

Thank you for paying attention to this matter and I hope we will see improvement for the coming events, within LMA and concerts outside, including competitions.