Speak Musical Italian - Mood indicators


Not Just Speed

When a musician plays the instrument, only so many things could be done, namely - it seems - all you can do is play slower or faster, louder or softer, abruptly or smooth... That's where the mystery lives - using this limited means you can create all of these!

Affettuoso with feeling Tenderly
Agitato agitated Excited and fast
Animato animated Animated
Brillante brilliant Brilliant, bright
Bruscamente brusquely Brusquely - abruptly
Cantabile singable In a singing style
Colossale colossal in a fashion which suggests immensity
Comodo convenient Comfortably, moderately
Con amore with love with love
Con fuoco with fire with fiery manner
Con brio with bright brightly
Con moto with movement with (audible) movement
Con spirito with spirit with spirit
Dolce sweetly Sweet
Espressivo expressive Expressively
Furioso furious with passion
Grazioso graciously or gracefully with charm
Lacrimoso teary Tearfully, sadly
Maestoso majestic Stately
Misterioso mysterious Mysteriously, secretively, enigmatic
Scherzando playfully Playfully
Sotto subdued Subdued
Semplicemente simply Simply
slancio passion enthusiasm
Vivace vivacious up-tempo


This page does requires the most of technique, touch, control of your touch and its application to phrasing. To aquire you need patience and concentrated listening. The first step is to distinguish between a good and beautiful sound: soft ,strong, the different sounds of staccato, legato, non legato, a glittering sound, a warm sound etc.All this you do with your fingers, wrist, arm. Parents monitoring your ptogress need to know this too, because they need the same amount of patience. It needs time and persistence. Mastering the teqchnic enables you to express your feelings, while recreating the composer's assignments.