Adding Content - Why Would You Want Tags

entering tags

Tags are keywords that are remembered by the site and link together contents that have the same tag. 

Imagine that you have a blog post about Bach, an article about a student performance and a recording of a student playing a two-part invention. If those items have the word "Bach" as a tag, you can click on it and all those items will be assembled in the main page are.

There are two types of tags: free entered and contolled. The examples are in the image. In the first tag box, any word you enter becomes a tag. Below this box you see a choice of two controlled tags, which are configured by the administrator in advance.

It is a good practice to enter a tag if the tag box exists on the Create content form, like this Create article form. Sometimes tags are made mandatory. 

If you don't see a tag box on the form, it is a goog idea remind the administrator that he forgot to add a tag field to the custom content type you are adding.